Fine Art Classes for Children over the age of 3-12 years old

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They will be learning from the fundamental level to the advanced level of drawing and painting through the study of animals, still-life and more. Exploring colors, shapes and a wide variety of drawing and painting techniques are essential. I will encourage strong composition and individual characteristics throughout the entire course. they also will learn the basics of drawing: line, tone(value), proportion, form, depth and perspective and the basic of painting: color theory, painting mediums, techniques, composition and narrative.

About Picasso Studio Programs

the Picasso Studio is designed to strengthen a children's understanding of how the individualized approached their own works. We offers strong curriculum for beginner and experienced artists and children alike to gain proficiency in any artistic pursuit of their choosing.

Our individualizes approach ensures we can address the needs of students at any level. The four level programs can be executed at their own space. As student work their way through their assigned projects, they will further their insight into the ares of sketching, drawing, painting such as cartoon, animal, still life, landscape and more.

We also offer individualized programs and March Camp and Summer Camp. Welcome our student to joint our Birthday Party too. Children are taught individually in small groups with fun and educating contents, children will learn easy and have more motivation to learn the art and increase their interest in art.

Picasso Studio Mission:

1.To provide a warm and friendly environment in which inspirational instructor excel to helping, encouraging and challenging each children to reach their individual, artistic potential.

2. To provide service that is helping, cheerful and caring.

3. Creating a comfortable atmosphere that our families at ease.

4. To teach a quality program from which children enjoy learning the skills necessary to draw, paint, and create 3D art.

5. Progressing step by step at their level of ability.

6. To become more competent and skilled at every level of Fine Art Program.

7. Our instructor graduated academic process teaches students of all level to see the objective truths found in nature and the fundamental skills needed to represent them.


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